Melagrana associates have experience in many different areas—change management, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, real estate, sales, strategic planning, supply and logistics, systems—and are specialists in their fields. They are multilingual, and informed about U.S. and international business practices. They are creative in their approach to project facilitation and tenacious in obtaining results for their clients. The team members meet frequently with their clients to insure that the project proceeds according to schedule and evolves along client-approved lines.


Zolita Vella gained her experience as a documentation specialist/process analyst creating manuals and product-related material for software development firms, the information technology sector of manufacturing and financial services institutions, grocery retailers, and for venture capital groups. She specializes in the delineation, preparation, and management of a firm’s body of documentation either in conjunction with the institution of new marketing initiatives, systems, or software and their related training programs, or in compliance with federal or state regulations. She has a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

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