A consulting firm specializing in the launch of international businesses in the United States and in the creation of proprietary documentation and media, Melagrana Inc. was established in 1988 by the principal owner, Zolita Vella, Ph.D., and incorporated in 1999.

Melagrana associates have worked for American, European, and Asian companies. We have created documents for large institutions within financial services, prepared systems-related manuals for corporate entities involved in pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and retail sales, and produced media for small entities that want to establish a presence in the U.S. market.

Our successful track record—which translates into long-term consulting assignments, excellent referrals, and repeat business—has been based on our ability to:

  • adopt strategies that drive our clients’ goals, furnish the appropriate solutions and tool sets
  • connect with the culture of the firm
  • define the scope of work for any type or size of institution or endeavor and produce the work within a given timeframe and budget
  • customize and produce documentation and media for a specific audience or purpose and provide th eappropriate level of detail

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