Consulting/Liaison Activities for International Companies Wanting to Launch Business Initiatives or Promote Products in the U.S.A.

  • Provide U.S. Business Infrastructure and Tools for the Initiative
  • Develop Product-Related Documents and Media
    • Market Research and Market Sector Analyses
    • Concept Documents/Business Cases
    • Brochures
    • Manuals
  • eCommerce
    • Multilingual Website Creation and Editing
    • Website Analysis, Restructuring, and Updating

Melagrana Inc. acts as a liaison for its international clients, guiding and assisting them in establishing a recognizable presence or product in the United States.

The firm is also equipped to provide the infrastructure and administrative support for start-up and small firms whose strategy is to focus their initial energies on product launch and relegate the establishment of offices and facilities to a later phase.

Melagrana has successfully completed market research and proprietary documentation for new venture companies. The firm is expert in the creation of business cases that convey the merit and viability of an endeavor for potential investors. Melagrana’s customers have either established businesses in the U.S. or are in the process of promoting new products in the U.S. market.

Melagrana offers its website expertise to diverse global clients such as banks, corporations, manufacturers, and venture capital groups whose websites incorporate foreign language text. Melagrana can propose changes to the existing text and/or create new text in English/other languages that showcases the entity effectively.

Contact us for additional information regarding our liaison activities or product-related documentation and media.

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